My apps

The following apps are iOS only. Android versions coming soon!

Tigrinya Dictionary

A complete Tigrinya learning app! Go from Ge'ez alphabet to basic phrases! The app contains

app basic phrases page ge'ez alphabet page dictionary page

Tigrinya Flashcard Games

A set of games to learn to read and speak Tigrinya. The app contains

In addition, the app tracks your progress and lets you set reminders for study.

app home page ge'ez alphabet page dictionary page

Ge'ez Keyboard

A keyboard to input Ge'ez for iOS. Now you can easily write in Tigrinya or Amharic for iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

app home page ge'ez alphabet page ge'ez alphabet page

This keyboard features the ability to input all 210 Ge'ez characters with a single press. Each key reveals all seven forms when pressed. Slide to desired letter. The shift key brings the remaining four character set to the keyboard. Ge'ez punctuation can be inputted as well by pressing the '123' key. Autocomplete supported as well!